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These were the best memes about videogames throughout 2020 | Gaming | December 17, 2020 – Explica

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2020 was quite a chaotic year, but despite everything, we had several events that left us with some very memorable moments. Of course, the internet is unforgiving, and as usual, the networks were flooded with memes for each other’s misfortune. The world of video games is no exception, and here we share the best memes of the year.

Not related to video games, but Oscars 2020 They brought us some very funny moments and here are some of the best:

On the other hand, the revelation of the design of the PS5 It also brought us very funny moments:

Leaving with something more specific, FIFA 21 had a pretty disastrous release, thanks to its “interesting” cover:

Obviously, the presentation of the Xbox Games Showcase It also brought very iconic moments, and these are some of them:

Craig, the emblematic Brute from Halo Infinite, It also gave a lot to talk about thanks to its special design

If he Xbox Series S It is also not saved from memes and here you can see some of the funniest:

As well as Xbox had memes, he PS5 it is not saved and these were the best about the showcase of a few memes ago:

A few months ago it was revealed that Microsoft bought from Bethesda, and the internet let itself come with everything:

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And to top it off, the last delay of Cyberpunk 2077 It also provoked the anger and laughter of many fans:

And for you, what was your favorite of the year?


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