These sustainable hoodies are made from plastic bottles and coffee grounds

(Picture: Coalatree)

Sustainability is the new black.

As we become more conscious of reducing waste and trying to tackle the pollution crisis, we are increasingly looking for ecologically responsible alternatives for everyday products.

Whether that’s ditching plastic straws, or buying beauty products and groceries without plastic packaging. Now we can bring that sustainability to our wardrobes.

A new company has created the Evolution Hoodie which is made from sustainably sourced materials. Namely, coffee grounds and recycled plastic.

The process is surprisingly simple.

Employees collect used coffee grounds from local shops on their way into work. They dry the coffee, remove the oils, grind the grounds into smaller particles, then mix it with melted plastic bottles to create a type of yarn.

(Picture: Coalatree)

Each hoodie is made from three cups of coffee and 10 plastic bottles.

So you get to be super cosy and feel happy about the fact that you have done something good for the planet. Rather than adding 10 more plastic bottles to the ocean – you’re wearing them.

(Picture: Coalatree)

Salt Lake City-based Coalatree are raising funds to support the production of the hoodies on Kickstarter. So far they have raised more than £182,000.

The hoodies are quick-dry, moisture-wicking and provide UV protection from the sun. You can choose from black, oatmeal, maroon or green and getting one for yourself will cost you $62.

Not the cheapest, but it’s a small price to pay to do your bit for the planet

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