These dogs dressed in space gear at the New York Pet Fashion Show will brighten your day

Welcome, aliens (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)

Dogs are perfect, so there’s no way they could surpass their own perfection, right? Wrong.

New York pooches are a different breed altogether.

Canines of all shapes and sizes rocked their finest couture as they descended upon the 17th annual New York Pet Fashion show yesterday (6 February).

Hosted by International Veterinary Science, this year’s theme was ‘World Couture for Animal Rescue’, which many people interpreted as futuristic fashion, with pups decked head-to-toe in space gear.

Some people took inspiration from movies, with a Men in Black dog making an appearance, alongside aliens with googly eyes and Stormtroopers.

Two pooches even brought their own UFO to hang out in, while another dog had a NASA-themed spaceship, complete with a red carpet (the first dog on the moon, we bet).

The event also included three runway shows: Sci-Fi Couture: 2020 A Space Odyssey, Haute Couture: High Fashion for Animal Rescue and Best in Show.

OK, enough from us. Here are the fantastically fashionable hounds:

The moon has never looked so good (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
When you mix space, a pig and a pooch (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
The coolest canine at the event (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Channelling her inner ballerina (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
OK we need a mask too now (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
More Shakespeare than space (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
‘I am your alien queen, worship me’ (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
If Neil Armstrong was a dog (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
A true queen (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Is this Azealia Bank’s dog? (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Some dogs are just better than others (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Time for a beard cut? (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
So good, we featured her twice (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
If this is what aliens look like, we’re cool with it (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Aliens catching a ride (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
There was also the odd pig at the party (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
We bow down to this beauty (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
If you’re not matching outfits, are you even friends? (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Baby pooch Stormtroopers (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
‘It’s couture, darling’ (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
The occasional turtle also made an appearance (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
The aliens are here (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
About time they recruited a pooch (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
‘We are here to take you away, humans’ (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Does this cape come in human size? (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
He knows he looks good (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
Mama alien with her fur babies (Picture: Johannes EISELE/AFP)
When two divas meet on the red carpet (Picture: REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs)
Finishing touches for this babe (Picture: Reuters/Caitlin Ochs)
The humans did pretty well at the futuristic fashion too (Picture: Reuters/Caitlin Ochs)
We can’t handle this cuteness (Picture: Reuters/Caitlin Ochs)
Does the outfit include batteries? (Picture: Reuters/Caitlin Ochs)
Cruisin’ onto the runway like… (Picture: Reuters/Caithlin Ochs)
The after party must’ve been wild (Picture: Reuters/Caithlin Ochs)
We stan (Picture: Reuters/Caithlin Ochs)

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