These are the top two Amazon Prime Day device deals to get your hands on and save over £100

The best Amazon Prime Day device deals will have you in shock this year because we’re not joking when we say they’re practically giving stuff away… That said, with everything from Alexa wi-fi and bluetooth enabled devices to Fire tablets and security tablets for sale, it’s definitely overwhelming knowing which low price device to pick from the Prime Day sale selection. That’s why, here’s at GLAMOUR, we’ve scoured all the smart TVs, e-readers and streaming devices and, hands down, these two bargains are the best price cut purchases you can make in the last hours of the sales event. 

For those of you who’ve landed here with limited time on your hands, looking to nab your half-price Echo device and be on your way, fret not, because here are the deals in question at a glance…

Amazon Prime Day device deals: Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen + Amazon Echo Show 5 for over 60% off

Blink Video Doorbell Black + Echo Dot (4th generation) Charcoal

Blink Outdoor HD security camera (1-Camera System) + Echo Show 5 | 2nd generation (2021 release), Charcoal

Why these devices you ask? Well, we’ll get into the details a little further down but, one thing we will say is, when it comes to our forever changed habits post-pandemic, aside from the numerous shows we’ve watched on Netflix, there are few activities more soul-soothing than cooking a delicious meal and listening to podcasts. Thanks to their ability to help us drift off to an alternate universe and forget about work stresses, listening to the whitty words of Dolly Alderton (if you’ve not read Ghosts yet, get on it) and stirring away at a bubbling casserole enabled us to switch off and give our busy minds a break. What helped us with these activities? Smart speakers and smart display clocks/assistants. 

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Seriously, what better a way to make a new chilli recipe than by watching a cooking video in your kitchen and working alongside the chef. Likewise, why bother with the hassle of connecting your Apple or Samsung smartphone to your earbuds or speaker when you could just use Alexa voice control to play your favourite music or podcast? And don’t get us started on how smart displays have transformed our video calls (let’s just say nana doesn’t answer FaceTime with her ear anymore…). Honestly, the developments in tech over the last years have made our lives ten times easier, and we’re not looking back. 


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