The Young Sheldon Series Finale Ending is a Major Tearjerker

Throughout the episode, Sheldon keeps reimagining the moment his father left and how he did not even acknowledge his dad let alone say a proper goodbye. He thinks about the many different things he could have said or done, ranging from “I have been and always shall be your friend” to “I love you.” While everyone else is being comforted in some way, Sheldon wants to ignore his grief completely, unwilling to even speak with Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) when the older man and mentor tries to offer his condolences. 

Brenda, Dr. Linkletter, and Dr. Sturgis Return for George Sr.’s Funeral

Mary finds herself struggling to write her speech for the funeral, explaining that she’s angry at her late husband for leaving her and Connie says she felt the same way when her husband passed. Later at the funeral, we see many familiar faces that guest starred throughout the series as a wonderful way to show how many people loved George including Brenda (Melissa Peterman), Jim (Will Sasso), Audrey (Rachel Bay Jones), and Mr. Givens (Brian Stepanek). When Mary shares that her son is not really talking to anyone, Dr. Linkletter (Ed Begley Jr.) and Dr. Sturgis volunteer to keep him company and try to distract him. 

Before they close the casket, Missy, Georgie, and Mary go say their goodbyes. During Missy’s turn, we see a flashback of her and George at Red Lobster from a season one episode. In the scene, she’s wearing the princess tiara that we saw her holding previously in the episode, meaning this is not the first time she is remembering this moment. She thanks her father for that experience as well as everything else, saying she loves him before heading back to her seat. Georgie takes the opportunity to promise his father that he doesn’t need to worry because he has everything under control, wanting to make him proud. Mary kisses her hand and puts it on his forehead before promising to see him later. Sheldon chooses not to go up. 

Georgie is the first to speak, expressing that his dad always had his back no matter how badly he messed up. Mary is next, but she cannot get through her speech, breaking down and leading to Connie coming up to take over. She makes some jokes before mentioning that George only had eyes for her daughter and that he has earned her respect over the years but what will truly get you though is her saying, “I will always be proud to call him my son.” Wayne (Doc Farrow) and Principal Petersen (Rex Linn), who delivered the news of George’s passing, also speak before Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) asks if anyone else wants to say a few words. 

A narration from Jim Parsons reflects on how Sheldon wishes he got up and said something, which was presented in the episode by him continually wishing he could change his final moments with his father before he left that day. Unfortunately, he didn’t, but despite not saying it then, older Sheldon can confidently say he loved his father and will miss him forever. 

27 Days Later

Mary is putting her all into the church and forcing her kids to go with her, which they’re not happy about. It’s causing tension and Connie is worried, but there’s not much she can do. At their next family dinner, Sheldon can’t comprehend why George’s placemat is still there despite Mary saying he’s still there in spirit, but that’s not the big topic of conversation. Instead, it’s Mary dropping the bomb that she wants the twins to get baptized to save their souls. Connie isn’t the only one worried, which is shown by George calling his grandmother up to express that same concern. 


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