The textile designer who fuses technology with inspiration

Working as a design director for multinational brands, Kim Chin travelled worldwide and handled huge projects. But it took returning to her childhood bedroom in the Queensway/Bayswater area – and being stuck there by the pandemic – for her to rediscover her creative mojo.

Chin now lives in south-east London and uses two workspaces – creating moodboards and sketches at V.O Studios in central London, before printing her designs at Bainbridge Studios.

“I was working for major brands, so when I moved to do my own practice, it was a shock,” she says. “But I came full circle to fall back in love with what I did. I realised that, in terms of success, it was going to be different.”

Incredible creativity and productivity was the result – and Chin is now using tech to kick that up a notch.

Art, craft and technology

/ Camilla Greenwell

Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G is the perfect tool for turning ideas into a force to be reckoned with. Ultra light and ultra mighty, it’s been redesigned down to the last millimetre, reinventing the PC with mobile technology. It fits right in for Chin.

“Technology has always been present in my process,” she says. “It’s a tool for collecting images, meeting teammates, researching, development and reviewing the final product. It’s integral.”

Back home, Chin found herself going back to personal design basics as she worked to establish her independent design project, Shadow Saboteur.

“I had great teachers who introduced me to print-making, and that’s one of the first things I started in lockdown,” she says. “I use lino-cut because I had limited space. I had my room still intact with a lot of my art from college, and I started creating mini canvases. It was incredible to get back in the flow.”

Intuitive precision

/ Camilla Greenwell

The physical work was soon followed by some serious tech creativity, enabled by Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G. “I’d take photos of the lino cuts and clean it up on the computer, and add layers, colours, shadows,” says Chin. “It’s pretty intuitive.”

Freeing up your intuition with the power of the industry-best 11th generation Intel Core processors, comes into its own – along with the S pen that’s included with the laptop.

“Drawing directly onto the screen with the S pen saves a lot of time,” says Chin. “It adds a fluidity. It creates something new from what I’d created in the print room.”

It’s this ease – the usability of Galaxy’s smartphone tech brought to a laptop – that opened up the doors to a new kind of creativity for Chin by connecting the physical and the digital in her work. With Shadow Saboteur, Chin aims to “create textiles that bring connection with people,” she says.

It’s a marriage of old-fashioned artistic skill and cutting-edge tech, all made that bit easier by the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G.

Discover more about the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G here


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