The Most Out-There Anime Holiday Specials

Say you find yourself imprisoned in a castle crawling with demons. Who could possibly sneak you out? Santa, of course, as Princess Syalis realizes on Christmas Eve while she writes a letter to Santa away from prying demonic eyes—or so she thinks. The demons are eavesdropping, and while they are furious about the first thing on her list being to go home to the castle in Goodereste and sleep (the thing she does best) in her own bed, there isn’t really much more intel than her “special quest” to find Christmas woolen underwear and pajamas so she can be festive even while dreaming. It absolutely must be Christmas underwear. Priorities. 

Somehow, Syalis makes it home to Goodereste without a Santa intervention, but the demons are desperate to snatch her back, so they use one of their own as a body double that manages to fool even the queen. The only problem is that the demon girl will be guillotined if she’s found out. A hilarious mission to get her back ensues, involving a pack of demons stuffed into the armor of the castle’s enormous knight, and later, Syalis going incognito as a demon pretending to abduct her alter ego.

Alien Frog People Intercept Santa

Sgt. Frog, “Keroro: Prevent Christmas, Sir!”

While the entire anime, which follows a band of anthropomorphic alien frog militants, is literally out of this world, the holiday episode where they fight to obliterate Christmas is especially outrageous. Sgt. Keroro is a Scrooge of a leader who can’t understand why Earthlings go all out for the holidays. He declares war on Christmas, using a laser contraption from his home planet to turn all seasonal trimmings and trappings into everyday things, such as the Christmas tree that turns into a bunch of metal pipes. He even wipes December 25 off the calendar just by clicking “delete all” on his computer. 

When the deletion program starts to glitch, Keroro sends his minions after Santa on flying scooters, since his radar detectors show that sleigh is speeding unusually fast. Nothing in their arsenal of weapons can stop him. They do finally catch up, but there is just one issue. “Santa” is Keroro’s dad. The real Santa needed the frog-morphs’ help to deliver presents. He easily distracts Keroro with a shiny new Gundam Mode model. Meanwhile, the other frogs battle over who gets what piece of the Christmas cake, shrink themselves with lasers and fight in the frosting. How delicious.

Author’s note: In Japanese, the onomatopoeia for frog sounds is “kero”, so Keroro’s name is kind of like saying “Ribbit ribbit”


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