The Louis Vuitton oversized £7k backpack might weigh you down but at least you’ll look good

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If you struggle to fit your lunch, drinks, cosmetics and grooming things, plus all the other weird stuff found in your bags, into your usual tote, then this oversized Louis Vuitton backpack might just be for you.

Because we all know the struggles of realising we left our earphones (or another equally important thing) at home.

But with this large carryall, which matches the grey fleece designs as part of the Fall 2019 collection, you’ll be sure to have every personal possession you’ve ever owned all in one place.

It might even double as a sleeping bag.

And, obviously, with a great label comes a great price tag. The backpack will not only weigh you down physically, but it’ll also weigh down your bank balance as it’s reported to be available for a lofty $10,000 (£7,508).

Those with cash to splash might even want to fork out for the other items in the collection which include baggy outerwear and bulky trainers, marked with a jacquard print of Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram.

To be fair, if you’re going to spend that much, you probably want people to see the logo a mile off.

The product was debuted at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show at the beginning of the year and the bag is set to drop soon on LV’s website.

Hopefully that gives you enough time to save £7,000.

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If you don’t like all your bits and bobs in one big section (how on earth will you ever find that tampon?) don’t worry, the LV backpack comes with plenty of compartments.

You’ll find many pockets and dangling straps, for aesthetics and functionality. The backpack also comes with adjustable pinhole snaps so you don’t have to worry about your bag being left open and someone stealing one of the 3,000 things you can fit in there.

And of course, a heavy-duty silver LV logo will dangle across the back so people really can’t miss the designer label.

If all that sounds too expensive but you still want a piece of the LV action, you could always opt for a designer Jenga set.

That’s right, you can get Louis Vuitton Jenga, which comes with red, blue and transparent rectangular blocks, for a slightly cheaper price at $2,000 (£1,501).

And it comes in a plastic see-through case with a brown leather strap so if you’re not a pro player, you can always just keep your Jenga set as a home accessory.

Some of us can only dream, though.

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