‘The Lost Boys’ TV show will “keep the essence” of the original film

The long-awaited TV reboot of The Lost Boys will retain the spirit of the 1980s cult classic film, according to musician G Tom Mac – but “wasn’t designed for the hardcore fans”.

Speaking to SYFY WIRE, Mac – AKA Gerard McMahon, who co-wrote and performed ‘Cry Little Sister’ for the 1987 original – said filming had recommenced before the coronavirus pandemic delayed the show further.

“It’s stuck in limbo, even though they agreed to all the new script writing and all of that,” he explained. “It’s hard to know; it’s a day-by-day thing for all these shows, when you can go back in [and shoot]. They were starting to go back, it looked like they could go back into production, and [everything shut down].”

Mac was recently approached about writing the soundtrack for the new TV show, although the singer isn’t believed to be scoring the project in full. Watch the video for ‘Cry Little Sister’ below.

“They were adamant, obviously, about my theme song because you can’t have the show without that,” he said. “With this, I’ve certainly pulled together a very modernized version of ‘People Are Strange’ and then just creating contemporary, but cutting edge stuff that is appropriate for the show. And there are gonna be other artists [on the soundtrack] as well.”

The musician also said the cast of The Lost Boys TV show was “more diversified in coordination with the times, as it should be” and “a little bit more female-driven”.

“I’m sure it’s gonna be torn down by the hardcore fans; there’s just no way that this show can win,” he added.

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“But it wasn’t designed for the hardcore fans. It was basically trying to keep the essence of what the film projected… It’s a reimagining and it’s an adaptation of the film because all the characters are in place.”

The original 1987 film, which starred actors including Kiefer Sutherland, was followed by a pair of direct-to-videos sequels released in 2008 and 2011, Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst, with only Corey Feldman returning from the original cast.


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