The ingenious way flight attendants heat up food on a plane without a microwave or oven – people say it’s ‘like jail’

A GENIUS hack flight attendants use to heat up their food without a microwave or oven while in the air has been revealed.

Jade Naomi’s trick raised eyebrows after being shared on social media, with some viewers claiming “y’all in jail”, while others praised its creativity.

People were shocked by the hack


People were shocked by the hackCredit: Tiktok/@jade naomi1
Jade poured hot water into the bin liners containing her Tupperware


Jade poured hot water into the bin liners containing her TupperwareCredit: Tiktok/@jade naomi1

In a short clip uploaded on TikTok by @jadenaumii1, the flight attendant demonstrated how to serve up a steaming portion of spaghetti without the usual kitchen appliances.

First, she placed her Tupperware into a small bin bag, then tied it in a knot to seal.

Next, Jade poured hot water from the kettle into an empty double bagged bin liner, into which she then placed her wrapped up food container.

In total, there were three bin bags used in the interesting technique.

Then, the bags are tied up and put into a metal draw to sit and ‘cook’ for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Jade told her followers: “You know we have no ovens, we don’t even have microwaves on these planes.

“So we pour in some hot water and put the Tupperware into it.

“Tie it up and let it sit for like 30 minutes and put it into a container to keep it hot.

“It’s so good having a hot meal, most of the time we’re having cold meals so having a hot one in this lifestyle is like a blessing.”

It is worth noting Jade’s method is only used to heat the food of staff, not passengers.

People were shocked at the inventive hack, but also baffled as to why the stewardesses didn’t have better facilities.

“I guess my airline ain’t so bad after all because what”, commented one confused viewer.

“Girl I wouldn’t even be hungry no more,” said another.

“This is how we cook in jail, y’all in jail,” agreed a third.

Someone else who was less than impressed added: “It’s giving prison”.

However, others found the tutorial useful, with one who wrote: “I am about to use this trick.”

“I never though of that”, said another, while one agreed, “this is smart”.

Meanwhile, a few shocked viewers suggested “hot logic”, a portable food warmer that uses thermal technology to heat or cook food.

This comes as other flight attendants have shared their hacks on board.

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The clever gadget, which many crew swear by, helps make the airport experience much easier.

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They even include sitting in the pilot’s seat – and sometimes getting to wear their hat.

The pasta had finished cooking after about 30 minutes in the drawer


The pasta had finished cooking after about 30 minutes in the drawerCredit: Tiktok/@jade naomi1


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