The female orgasm could have this surprising benefit, scientists reveal

Many believe the female orgasm only exists for pleasure purposes.

Despite this common misconception, there’s an important reason why women climax.

Scientists believe that women who reach peak satisfaction are more likely to fall pregnant.

This revelation could prove vital for ladies who are struggling to conceive.

Dr Robert King writes about the phenomenon in a brand new book, ‘Tulips at Midnight: Exploring the latest Research into the Nature and Function of Female Orgasm’.

The expert, who lectures in applied psychology at the University College Cork, found female orgasms helps sperm to be ‘sucked’ to the dominant ovary.

This may boost their chances of falling pregnant.

The scientist explains: “My research builds on growing evidence that female orgasm is intrinsically linked to fertility.

“It’s my view that eroticism and intimacy are not optional ad-ons for human sexuality and reproduction.

“What’s more, the patterns of female orgasm in response to partners is far from being random. 

“In general, females orgasm more with smart, considerate, vigorous lovers with a nice smell – this last one is important because it signifies a compatible immune system!”

female orgasm

OHHH-MG: Women who orgasm during sex are more likely to get pregnant, research reveals (Pic: GETTY)

Dr King tested this theory on a group of six female volunteers.

The participants, aged between 26 and 52, were asked to track their orgasms at home for a month.

During the experiment, scientists tracked how well women retained liquid.

They used lubricant in the place of semen in orgasm and non-orgasm conditions.

When a female volunteer climaxed, she retained up to 15 per cent more ‘sperm’ compared with when she didn’t climax.

This suggests they have an an increased chance of falling pregnant after reaching peak pleasure.

Dr Hana Visnova

SEXUAL HEALING: Dr Hana Visnova says there could be a link between female orgasm and pregnancy (Pic: GETTY)

Dr King isn’t alone in promoting the benefits of female orgasm. 

Leading fertility expert Dr Hana Visnova, medical director at respected European fertility clinic IVF Cube in Prague, Czech Republic, says it’s vital couples maintain real intimacy when faced with fertility issues. 

She commented: “There’s growing evidence of a link between female orgasm and pregnancy rates and it’s an area that warrants further research. 

“And it’s also important to remember the psychological benefits of orgasm when it comes to stress reduction.

“When your body is stressed, it essentially goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Hormones including adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine flood the bloodstream.

“And they tell the body that because there’s a perceived threat, now is absolutely not a good time to fall pregnant.

“It’s an ancient, evolutionary reaction. And it’s a very real barrier.”

The health expert added: “One of the things which can combat stress is sex.

“Couples trying naturally to conceive might fall into a strict patterns and routines when it comes to lovemaking, often detracting from the joy of the experience.

“This can lead to emotional instability, relationship problems, sadness, anxiety, and even sexual estrangement. And I think couples need to be educated about how vital it is to maintain true intimacy.

“The message is clear – we need to ditch the perfunctory, sex-for-a-purpose, and always make it enjoyable.”

This research isn’t the only of its kind.

Dr King’s analysisappears to confirm the long-held suspicions of one of the UK’s leading fertility experts, Lord Robert Winston.

Back in 2010, the documentary maker remarked: “I still feel that doing more research in this difficult area would be worthwhile.

“Hopefully some sensitive and keen researchers may consider revisiting this important aspect of human sexuality.”


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