The END of socialism: Corbyn’s fall from grace hailed by major political think tank

Political expert Matthew Lesh, head of research at the Adam Smith Institute, said Labour having been left with a majority of 203 after haemorrhaging more than 50 seats during December’s general election should be a reminder to the party that socialism has well and truly been rejected by Britain. His words come as a warning as the party lists potential successors to Mr Corbyn, a far-left politician who was said to have modelled his terrifying manifesto on Venezuela. Mr Lesh told Express.co.uk: “The more people hear about the reality of socialism the less popular it becomes.

“What starts as a promise of ‘free’ stuff almost inevitably turns into people eating animals from the zoo.

“But for a generation that has not had the contrast of the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc, and politicians unwilling or incapable of making the case for free markets, socialism has had a comeback in some quarters.”

He added: “A rejection of Corbyn is a rejection of socialism.

“This could prove an important lesson for the Labour Party that these ideas are simply not electorally viable.

“If Corbyn had been able to form a government it sets the UK on track for a frightening future.”

The analysis comes as Lord Tebbit last week exposed Mr Corbyn’s Soviet Union-style plan for the UK.

The former chairman of the Conservative Party who served in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet from 1981 to 1987 Lord Norman Tebbit revealed what he believed to have been the Labour Party’s plan in the run-up to the election.

Lord Tebbit said Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party intended to introduce Marxism to the UK.

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“There is nowhere where marxism has worked.”

Mr Corbyn had wanted to nationalise an array of businesses, including BT and water companies.

Shares in BT plummeted as a result of the announcement.

Mr Lesh said this would have been a “disaster” for Britain.

He said: “Nationalising broadband would have been a total disaster for the British people.

“It would have cost tens of billions of pounds, lower service quality and leave millions waiting longer for the rollout of high speed fibre internet and 5G.

“We shouldn’t have to call up Jeremy Corbyn every time the internet goes down.

“A Government shouldn’t be paying for a service that the vast majority of us can afford.”

Another plot was to nationalise the railways, a subject Mr Lesh did not hold back on.

He said: “It would create mountains of public debt and lead to poorer quality public services.

“Nationalised industries do not work. When they were nationalised industries railway journeys halved, you waited months for a phone line, and water infrastructure was dilapidated.

“Regular, coordinated strikes would bring the economy to a standstill for weeks at a time.”


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