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The Carolina Panthers used video games to announce their 2019 schedule – Mashable

The NFL’s Carolina Panthers hit a sweet spot for fans on Wednesday night as they rolled out their 2019 schedule with the perfect homage to our favorite video games.

There’s a lot packed in here for 17 weeks of football (16 games and one off week) but it’s incredibly entertaining nonetheless: Skate or Die, Pitfall, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, NBA Jam, Oregon Trail, and Goldeneye all make appearances, scratching that nostalgia itch. But there are a few more recent games, too, including Words With Friends and Pokémon Go.

The NFL has made a big to-do in recent years in releasing the official schedule for the upcoming season and each team put out their own spin on a schedule release video, like the Los Angeles Chargers who purposely used stock footage to poke fun at some of their opponents. 

Meanwhile, the defending champs that no one likes, the New England Patriots, used a clever take on the Bad Lip Reading videos to announce their slate.

And of course someone had to do a Game of Thrones-inspired video and that someone was the Atlanta Falcons. 

If you watch closely, you’ll also notice the Falcons used the video to make fun of the atrocious no-call that brought a premature end to the season for their arch-rivals, the New Orleans Saints. The Jacksonville Jaguars similarly teased the Saints, too, which is fine, because what is the NFL without a little smack talk? As a Saints fan, I’m also fully confident that the Saints will attain vengeance on the field against both the Falcons and Jaguars, so have your fun now, guys.

Here’s hoping your favorite team will now put as much effort in to the upcoming draft and playing the actual 2019 season — kicking off Thursday, Sept. 5 — as they did into their Twitter videos.

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