The best razors for the smoothest shave

Shaving with razors is one of the easiest ways to get smooth, hair-free skin but with so many on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly which one to plump for.

We spoke with the owner of Seduire London Beauty Clinic, Pamela Kennedy, to glean her hacks so you can get the most out of your manual shaving routine. Here are her top tips…

  1. Always let your skin warm up before shaving to save irritation and open the pores for a closer shave. Exfoliate before, this will help remove any dead skin reducing risks of ingrown hairs. We love Angelica Botanical Therapy All Natural products at Seduire; their green tea and avocado body scrub is great for its antioxidants and deep moisturising properties.
  2. A common mistake people make is using their shower gel or shampoo alongside their razor. While this works, to get the best results, use a shaving lotion – apply a thin, even layer over the skin, including the ankles.
  3. Always use a fresh razor; most will last about 4/5 times but for best results, use a fresh blade. A four blade razor minimum is always best for a closer shave. While the shave gel razors definitely work well for a lot of people, in my experience, I find ones without are better at giving that close shave. If you’re always catching your skin when shaving, these razors are great for shaving without harming yourself in the process.
  4. Always shave against the hair growth in short strokes, rinsing the razor in water after each stroke to get the best result keeping your razor at its most effective. Start with the ankle and work up towards the thigh.
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Scroll down for the best razors in the business and read our top shaving commandments here.


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