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The Best Playable Child Characters in Video Games – GameSpew

Shadow of the Tomb Raider dives deep into Lara Croft’s history and how that inspired her pursuit of discovery. But, instead of showing the player what her childhood was like, it allows them to experience it in a way that is classic Croft.

The Croft Mansion becomes accessible once more for Tomb Raider fans, and this time child Lara can actually scale the walls. It’s an incredible display of just how grand the mansion is, and reveals that Croft was fearless even from an early age. Shadow of the Tomb Raider also includes a classic puzzle for child Lara to solve, making it a memorable moment within not just the reboot trilogy, but the Tomb Raider franchise as a whole. It’s great to see that even a child Lara Croft had an eye for solving tricky puzzles.


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