The best films on TV today: Sunday, 19 July

Take your pick from thrillers, action fantasies and adventures as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday 19 July.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Two grudging brother-in-laws’ family holiday descends into bear baiting, lol-racooning chaos in John Hughes’ The Great Outdoors 10:40am ITV4

Accidentally heroic, monologuing journal junky frontiersman befriends Sioux in sweeping ballad of mutual respect Dances With Wolves 12:00pm Sony Movies

Petty con artist helps fraudster couple go on run amid luscious locales of Greek antiquities in taut thriller The Two Faces of January 12:45pm Film 4

Ungrateful girl enters androgynous wizard’s monstrous maze in swamp-stenching, head-swapping consummate fantasy wonder Labyrinth 2:25pm Channel 5

Skeptical girl discovers miniature forest civilisation facing putrid apocalypse in exhilarating hummingbird riding fantasy Epic 2:40pm Film4

Boer war veteran faces clash between his duty and conscience after capturing accused and innocent Maori man in grizzled Kiw-estern Tracker 4:10pm Sony Movies

Jerry O’Connell, River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, and Corey Feldman are gathered around together in a scene from the film ‘Stand By Me’, 1986. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Four friends brave brutal bullies & vomitus vengeance tale on search for dead body in fully realised, nostalgic wonder Stand by Me 4:25pm Channel 5

Stirring score and cinematography as Sly Stallone, Michael Caine and Pele team up for career interrupting gem Escape to Victory 4:45pm ITV4

Captain yells in storms at friends underlings, Frenchmen and himself as he prepares for war in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 6:15pm Sony Movies

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Tetchy toxophilite becomes face of revolution, survives mutt mauling and berates her poor innocent cat in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 6:15pm E4

Elderly expats pursue expansionist British dream of turning more Indian land into vibrant cash cow  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 6:35pm Film 4

Framed and left for dead, Special Ops team exact punchy-shooty vengeance against preposterous bad guy in top action-comedy The Losers 8:00pm ITV4

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in a scene from the film ‘Pretty Woman’, 1990. (Photo by Buena Vista/Getty Images)

Map reading street prostitute falls for big money businessman, learns to use cutlery, grows qualms in unlikely romcom Pretty Woman 9:00pm Comedy Central

Framed for brother’s death, driven driver thunders cross-country to clear name in grass-hopping, muscle car mayhem Need for Speed 9:00pm SyFy

Spine shivering, atypical and intelligent haunted house psychological horror as Nicole Kidman fears for her creepy kids The Others 9:00pm 5 Star

Patient/impulsive Texan brothers rob banks threatening foreclosure in characterful and charismatic low key thriller Hell or High Water 9:00pm Film4

Time-tripping Berserker mentors morose mutant to prevent genocidal Apocalypse in character arcing Marvel X-Men: Days of Future Past 10:00pm Channel 4

Young catholic farm girl finds growing romantic attraction to middle-aged marred writer in lyrical bitter-sweet slice of life Girl With Green Eyes 10:05pm Talking Pictures

Grieving widower makes contact with supernatural psychic, nuisance-calling disaster predictor in creepfest The Mothman Prophecies 11:10pm 5 Star

Having been forcibly sucked dry by James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe reanimates chimp-homunculi in glorious fun Victor Frankenstein 00:35am Channel 4

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Parallel narratives interweave present day food blogger with influential ’50s French cookery guru in the delectable Julie & Julia 3:20am Sony Movies

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