Teen who had leg amputated as a baby donates prosthetic legs so little girl in The Gambia can go to school

Without donations, the old prosthetic legs would just be thrown away (Picture: Zebedee/Bav Media)

A young boy who had his leg amputated when he was an infant, has donated 10 of his artificial legs to a little girl in sub-Saharan Africa more than 6,000 miles away.

Euan Murray, who is a keen downhill mountain biker, passes on his prosthetic legs to nine-year-old Wudeh as he grows out of them, so she can keep up with her siblings in The Gambia and go to school.

The 14-year-old was born with Fibular Hemimelia, which meant his left leg didn’t grow properly in the womb, and he had a below-the-knee amputation when he was 11 months old.

Euan was fitted with his first prosthetic leg when he was one and the sporty teenager, who also enjoys playing hockey and sprinting, hasn’t looked back since.

Euan and his family, who live in Bath, wanted to help other children in a similar position to fulfil their dreams, so decided to donate his unwanted legs to Bristol-based charity Legs4Africa.

Euan loves mountain biking (Picture: Zebedee/Bav Media)
Euan at 1 with his baby prosthetic (Picture: Zebedee/Bav Media)

They linked him up with Wudeh, who lost her leg at the age of three when a car ploughed into her while she was at a restaurant with her family.

Euan’s mum Amy says: ‘Once children grow out of their prosthetic legs in the UK they are thrown away, which seems such a waste. We heard about Legs4Africa so decided to donate all Euan’s old legs to them, so they can be recommissioned.

Wudeh lost her leg when a car ploughed into her when she was at a restaurant with family (Picture: Legs4Africa/Bav Media)
Prosthetic legs in The Gambia are incredibly expensive (Picture: Bav Media)

‘We were thrilled when we discovered they had been given to a little girl in Africa. With her new leg it means she can now go to school and play with the other children.’

Evie Dickinson, fundraising manager of Legs4Africa, adds: ‘Euan and Wudeh have built up an incredible relationship from afar.

The donated legs allow Wudeh to go to school (Picture: Bav Media)

‘”Prosthetic legs are very expensive in The Gambia, so having the legs from Euan means Wudeh can now go to school. Euan is an amazing role model, he is super sporty and confident.’

Euan and his family keep in touch with Wudeh and also help with her school fees.

Amy, who also has daughter India, 11, adds: ‘We try to raise money for the charity and Euan’s sister has done bake sales and Euan, India and his dad, Grant, repaired bikes during lockdown to help.’

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