Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Gets a Much Better Fan-Made Poster

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, there was a director who vowed to only make ten films total in the span of his film career. This ten film ultimatum would be in place at no matter what level of success that tenth film found the director. This is why the newest movie from the already legend must be digested as not just a new release for the man, but a celebration of his genius that we have now with us, his audience facing the seeming inevitable conclusion that Quentin Tarrantino will be done soon, with only one more film to make after Once Upon a Time hits theaters.

When Quentin Tarantino finishes his next film, he wants the decalouge to stand testament to his filmmaking genius for people to compare in the pantheon of greats saying when he was done, “Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, ‘Match that shit!'” 

With every promotional drop I am seeing since the release of the Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di’Caprio led movie it says, “The ninth film from Quentin Tarrantino“. It’s on both official poster and mentioned in the trailer. That first poster had just two stark images of the main characters Rick (Di’Caprio) and Cliff (Pitt). The empty space in the middle left plenty of room for internet jokers to lampoon the Sony approved creation.

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Meme after meme kept coming, then the studio released another poster with Margot Robbie on it as Sharon Tate. She is standing styled in a retro white mini skirt and white boots true to the time setting of the film in front of the Westwood Village Theater. At the bottom of that poster we also see, this time quite prominently “The 9th film from Quentin Tarrantino”. The ridicule subsided a bit as internet gangstas decided to lay off Margot in her poster debut, letting their meme making apps rest for a while Sony worked on a new poster.

While all this is happening, word comes out that Tarrantino will be making a personal delivery of his new film to the Cannes Film Festival. This epic will mark 25 years to the day when he took the highest prize in film in 1994, destroying the festival with the debut of Pulp Fiction. Now with him feeling so strongly about the new film that he is personally delivering it, showing it for the first time to the world, on the same date he premiered his greatest film should give fans some measure of his latest piece of film work.

Now in the wake of the previous fallout from the first releases of posters for the film, one enterprising fan has decided to take poster matters into their own hand. The graphic is very stylish, artistically done in an animated style with a toned down hippy color scheme that is pure 1969. It almost looks like something Disney would have released back in the day. The fan-made poster has much of the cast in it with Margot taking the crowning position at the top. The poster also has Bruce Lee featured in it.

Now at the very bottom we once again see the ominous statement “The 9th film from Quentin Tarrantino”. This is more than a marketing ploy at this point. This is coming as a direct signal from the director that he really will be calling it quits after the next movie. He knew this when he wrote this movie. He knew this while he was making this movie, so I am sure Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be a great set up for his final film. The ninth movie will be in theaters, July 26th. AlphaVille Designs is responsible for creating this great looking fan-made poster, which is much better than the original one-sheet launched by Sony, which many fans have taken to task since its release this past week.


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