Sydney Sweeney brutally slammed by top Hollywood producer 'She's not pretty and can't act'

Although Sydney Sweeney is one of Hollywood’s top rising stars, the 26-year-old has been brutally slammed by one of the top female producers.

Carol Baum, known for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dead Ringers, questioned the actress’s looks and skills.

Speaking to the New York Times after a screening of her 1988 thriller, the showrunner didn’t hold back as she began criticising the actress.

Noting the star’s rise to fame, she stated: “There’s an actress who everybody loves now, Sydney Sweeney.

“I don’t get Sydney Sweeney. I was watching on the plane Sydney Sweeney’s movie because I wanted to watch it,” Carol says of Anyone But You.

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The producer continued: “I wanted to know who she is and why everybody’s talking about her.

“I watched this unwatchable movie- sorry to people who love this movie – [this] romantic comedy where they hate each other.”

Referencing the producing class she teaches at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Carol added: “I said to my class, ‘Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty, she can’t act. Why is she so hot?’

“Nobody had an answer but then the question was asked, ‘Well if you could get your movie made because she was in it, would you do it?’”

Carol explained: “I said, ‘Well that’s a really good question… that’s a very hard question to answer because we all want to get the movie made and who walks away from a green light? Nobody I know. Your job is to get the movie made.’”

Throughout her career, the producer has worked on 34 films alongside A-listers including Jennifer Aniston, Michael Douglas, and Dolly Parton.

Sydney rose to fame in HBO’s Euphoria as Cassie Howard and has become one of Hollywood’s newest stars poised to remake Jane Fonda’s captivating 1968 sci-fi action movie Barbarella.


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