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Surprising Fact Regarding Old-School WWF Royal Rumble Video Game – Wrestlezone

The 1993 video game WWF Royal Rumble featured a very surprising group of people for a very funny job in its credits.

As spotted by Twitter user “JoyPadLadShop,” three veteran members of the WWE Universe were credited with the funny job of “grunts and groans” in the classic video game.

These include Tony Chimel, a former announcer who worked with WWE in the 90s through 2020, former senior referee Mike Chioda, and John D’Amico, who currently serves as Director of Production Management for WWE, and did so from 1989-2020 as well.

Originally released in 1993 for the Super NES and Sega Genesis, WWF Royal Rumble featured a variety of match types, and was notable for being the first game to include the Royal Rumble match type. The game’s roster consisted of 17 superstars in total, but the SNES and Genesis versions each had their own special rosters.


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