Supermarket Sweep is coming back to ITV2 with new host Rylan Clark-Neal – but when does it start, how can I apply and when did the original series get cancelled?

RYLAN Clark-Neal has officially confirmed that Supermarket Sweep – the classic game show we all fell in love with – is making its return on ITV2.

Previously hosted by the late Dale Winton, the reboot is expected to stick to its original format, but when is it returning, how can fans apply and when was it cancelled?

 Supermarket Sweep was originally hosted by the late Dale Winton


Supermarket Sweep was originally hosted by the late Dale WintonCredit: ITV

When does it start?

Currently, the only thing that’s been confirmed is that Supermarket Sweep is definitely returning, but instead of it being on ITV, it has now moved over to ITV2.

It’s being speculated that bosses will be looking to kick off the new series by the end of 2019 while others believe that the show is most likely going to return early 2020.

Of course, it’s best to wait for an official word from ITV2, but given that the show’s return has already been made, we predict that it won’t be too long before Supermarket Sweep is back on our TV screens.

It was former X Factor contestant and This Morning’s presenter Rylan who broke the news to his fans on Twitter, having used a GIF of archive footage from the show to make the announcement.

His caption read: “Been waiting a while to say this but it’s finally time to GO WILD IN THE AISLES ONCE AGAIN!

“Supermarket Sweep is back, and I can’t wait for you to CHECK IT OUT. See you soon on @itv2 #SupermarketSweep”

 Rylan Clark-Neal is expected to host the reboot on ITV2


Rylan Clark-Neal is expected to host the reboot on ITV2Credit: PA:Press Association

How have fans reacted to the news?

Following Rylan’s tweet, announcing the return of Supermarket Sweep, fans went absolutely insane on social media, and it almost seemed like many of them were having a nostalgic moment of memories they shared watching the iconic show.

One fan clearly couldn’t contain their excitement when taking to Twitter, saying: “Oh my days!! This is my favourite programme ever!! I cannot wait!!”

“I can’t believe this show is actually coming back! Thank you Rylan for making my day – this was one of my favourite shows growing up, and I’m so grateful that ITV2 had enough faith to bring it back,” another chimed in.

The outpouring love continued as another social media user gushed: “About time that we start getting some good shows back on TV. This was literally the best show as a child, but I hope they stick to the original format.”

In general, it goes without saying that there seems to be a lot of support behind the reboot – people are definitely excited to see Supermarket Sweep make its return to television.

 Dale hosted the show for an impressive eight seasons
Dale hosted the show for an impressive eight seasons

How can I apply?

Though we don’t have an official return date for the show just yet, Fremantle has confirmed that they are actively looking for contestants to take part in the forthcoming series.

The creative powerhouse, according to Metro, is said to be looking for “fun, outgoing and dynamic pairs of couples, friends, school and work mates or family duos to take part in Supermarket Sweep.”

If you’re interested in taking part with a close pal or family member, simply send an email to gameshow-casting@thames.tv.

Keep in mind that all contestants who are interested in taking part must be 18 and over.

 Rylan made it known that he was super excited about the show returning


Rylan made it known that he was super excited about the show returningCredit: Refer to Caption

When did the original show get cancelled?

Supermarket Sweep originally ran for exactly eight years from 1993 until 2001.

It was later revived in February, 2017 and officially ended by August, 2007.

It wasn’t until 2017 that FremantleMedia had acquired the rights to the show, later confirming that the series would return in the future.

It took the media giant just under two years to make the announcement that the Supermarket Sweep was coming back – thanks to Rylan.


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