An early riser? Not really, I’ll sleep until midday no matter what I’ve been doing. I like to lie in – I’ve got no reason to be up early and my weeks get so busy. I’ll give my place a quick tidy and then take a shower. I like the house to be clean before I am.

A day out? Or a trip? No thanks, I’m away from home 300 days a year: in Europe, America, Australia, South America and New Zealand. On Sundays in London, I want to be inside and cosy, reading a book or just doing laundry. I definitely want to be somewhere heated.

Soundtrack to Sunday? Old school Sunday best tunes: Miles Davis, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, James Brown… Something I can have on in the background and sing along to, real feelgood music. I’ve got guitars, basses, an upright piano and a keyboard, I might pick one up – but I don’t feel a pressure.

The perfect meal? I go to Mum’s for dinner, there’s always food in the fridge, so it doesn’t really matter if she’s there or not. I make a big plate of rice, chicken, vegetables and salad and hang out with my sister on the sofa. When we were kids Mum would be at mosque. Our thing has always been winding each other up and being lazy on the sofa.

Do you drink? Sometimes, but nothing hectic, just the one Corona. I’m definitely not getting burst on a Sunday, I’m being good.

If you could be anywhere next Sunday? Watching my five-year-old nephew play football. He’s in the Arsenal academy. He makes everything lighter, nothing is too deep or serious. It’s cool having a relationship with a little human who sees the world so differently. Otherwise just indoors, please.

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An evening routine? I clean the house, again, and write down lists, goals and targets for the week ahead. It could be something creative, or just finally sorting that dentist appointment. My mind goes at a million miles an hour. If it’s not written down I forget to do it.

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