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Sue Perkins shares health update on ‘annoying’ tumour she still has to take medication for

, who will appear on this Friday for her new show Sue Perkins: Lost in Alaska, has given an insight into living with a tumour in her brain. While the tumour is non-cancerous, the former star has admitted she finds living with it “annoying”.

Back in 2015, the 54-year-old Mel and Sue icon revealed that a non-cancerous tumour had been discovered in her pituitary gland while having medical tests for a show. Speaking to Radio Times in a recent interview, the comedy star insisted she wouldn’t let it hold her back.

She said: “As long as I remember to take my medication, I’m alright. It’s an annoying lump in my head, but… I don’t intend to let it circumscribe my future in any way.”

Sue also spoke about how undertaking a pilgrimage through the Himalayas for a BBC documentary had allowed her to reset her mind. The change in scene had apparently allowed her to “really grieve” her father after he died from a brain tumour in 2017.

She said: “When you go up a mountain… you’re left with this grey, pale landscape. As we came down, suddenly colour gets reintroduced… It was like my life was beginning again.”

Sue’s new documentary for Channel 5 will follow the travel presenter as she uncovers hidden gems in Alaska, one of America’s frostiest states.

The show will also see her take part in a plane crash simulator and learn how to survive a bear attack.

Sue previously visited Alaska for a 2012 documentary on the world’s most dangerous roads, but this new show will examine the history, wildlife and people of the USA’s least populous state.

She said of the 2024 series: “You can’t get a grip on it, even when you’re there, because of its scale. It’s extraordinary, magnificent.”

Read the full interview with Sue Perkins at www.radiotimes.com.

Sue Perkins: Lost in Alaska airs this Friday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.


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