Stuart Lubbock suffered 'horrific' anal injuries before death at Michael Barrymore party

Michael Barrymore partygoer Stuart Lubbock suffered horrified anal injuries which could have been caused by rape, Channel 4’s documentary Barrymore: The Body in the Pool has claimed

The TV special claimed that he had bruising, tearing and bleeding to his anus when he was removed deceased from Michael Barrymore’s Essex home.

Amid speculation Stuart was sexually assaulted in new scenes filmed for Channel 4, Stuart’s ex wife said: “Why would you rape him?

“The pain he must have been in. How did he get those injuries, so severe? It is just hard.”


Stuart died at a party at Michael Barrymore’s home in Essex

Recalling the injuries in question in the present day, Forensic Pathologist Professor Jack Crane, said: “The photos showed lacerations to the anal canal.

“It could have been an attempt at forcible fisting. A bottle or dildo could have caused those injuries.”

He added: “I cannot contemplate any circumstances in which it was consensual.

“Well I think that [rape] is a very likely scenario.”

Michael Barrymore was adamant he did not know and that they could not have happened at his home.

Breaking down, Stuart’s father Terry fought back tears as he read the court report out for Channel 4 cameras.

The heartbroken parent said: “They’d dragged my son…

“I hope to god that Stuart was in no pain… that he didn’t feel the pain.”

Michael Barrymore released a statement shortly before the documentary aired

Reiterating the injures, pathologist Jack added to Channel 4: “This young man has suffered a very violent and serious sexual assault.

“I think that was the most important thing.”

During the inquest at the time, the inquest heard how Lubbock had ‘a lot’ of MDMA and cocaine in his bloodstream and then he was assaulted.

One pathologist claimed that the drug combination plus a shock assault ‘could have caused him to have had a cardiac arrest’.

Barrymore, now 67, and two other men – his ex-lover Jonathan Kenney and dustman Justin Merritt – were arrested and later released without charge, and police say the three have not been “completely eliminated” from inquiries.

Five others who were at the party that night – Merritt’s younger sister Kylie, chef James Futers, and locals Simon Shaw, Claire Jones, then 17, and Kelly Campbell – have also not been eliminated, according to police, “who say that one or more of the eight at the party was responsible for Stuart’s death”.

They were approached by Channel 4 before the documentary aired but all gave no comment.

In response to the documentary, Barrymore’s solicitors say it is more credible that Stuart Lubbock’s anal injuries were caused by an accident, possibly by slipping and striking the pool edge.

They add that their client left the scene before the ambulance arrived “in oder to avoid the media”.

In a statement released shortly before the Channel 4 documentary aired, Michael said: “I’ve been asked by various sections of the press to comment upon the Channel Four documentary that is to be broadcast tonight.

Dr Michael Health gave his interpretation of the injuries Stuart sustained

“As I’ve made clear to everyone, I am not able to comment because Channel 4 are refusing to show it to me or even let me know what it contains.

“Forgive me for looking down on the iPad, I don’t want to get any of this wrong.

“However, I would say to anyone who would like to get to the truth of the matter, that they should watch the ITV interview I did last year with Piers Morgan. He went into everything and left no stone unturned.

He continued: “The truth is.. I have always done everything anyone has asked of me, and I’ve cooperated with everyone.

Professor Jack Crane spoke about Stuart’s injuries for the new Channel 4 documentary

“Essex Police’s own QC has said that ‘we know Mr Barrymore has had nothing to do with this, and that there is no evidence of linking him to the injuries to Mr Lubbock or the pool’.

“I have nothing to do with this whatsoever, and yet I keep getting bashed and bullied by the media. I may comment further once I’ve seen the show go out later tonight.

“In the meantime, my heartfelt sympathies go out to the Lubbock family and I truly hope they find peace. And it is for that reason that I have constantly pressed for an independent police force to examine everything to do with the case and reach a proper conclusion. And I continue to do so.”


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