Strictly's Robert Webb jokes he'd take drugs to calm down before shows

Robert Webb is sure to be a larger-than-life character on Strictly Come Dancing, and the Peep Show star jokes he’ll “take drugs” to calm down before his live dances.

When asked how he’ll control his nerves, the 48-year-old laughed: “Take powerful drugs? I’ve got no idea. I think you just have to remember to keep breathing. That’s the main thing.”

The comedian insists he won’t do a dance to the iconic Peep Show theme tune though: “Oh, God, I hope not, that would be cheesy as f*** wouldn’t it.”

Despite making people laugh in shows like That Mitchell And Webb Look, the star is keen to stress that he will be taking Strictly very seriously.

Robert Webb
Robert jokes he’ll ‘take drugs’ to calm down

He says: “I mean, that part of the audience that recognises me at all… might think that I’m I’m here to send it up.

“Absolutely not, I’m just not interested in that at all, because that would just be immediately very boring”

He continues: “I’ll be doing it as straight as I can. I wanted to make the romantic things very romantic and make the passionate Paso Doble type things very solemn and scary.”

Robert Webb
He promises he will take it very seriously

From watching previous series there’s one thing Robert has noticed: “It’s always tickled me watching male celebs do the Paso Doble or the Tango, including the actors”

“Their idea of looking ultra serious and passionate and masculine, sort of translates into looking like they’re about to strangle their partner. It’s gonna be fun trying to do that without looking like a violent maniac,” he jokes.

Robert underwent major heart surgery previously, and says he’s willing to use it for sympathy votes.

“I should be really milking about having heart surgery!” he exclaimed. “I’m gonna mention it as often as possible, and I’ll get my scar out.”

One of the professional dancers has tested positive for Covid-19
One of the professional dancers has tested positive for Covid-19

Show execs confirmed that movies, musicals and Halloween themes are all returning and Robert is very excited about the opportunities that will give.

“It’ll be the two year anniversary of my heart surgery on Halloween. I had the operation on November 1, and I think Halloween is a Saturday this year, or it’s very close anyway,” he works out the date.

“That will be the show to wear a costume, and getting my scar out covered in glitter.”

The Peep Show star will 'do whatever it takes'
The Peep Show star will ‘do whatever it takes’

He also said he’s not afraid of an “extreme costume.”

The star joked: “I’m not afraid to show a bit of leg. Although I don’t think that guys seem to get their legs out very often on this show. I think it’s a more sedate affair.

“If it’s not going to upset the ladies and gentlemen, I’m really up for more or less anything within the law, and the laws about public decency.”

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