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Stopping Game Updates Altogether on Aroma? –

This issue has been killing me for days, so I decided I’d come here as I’ve seen some stuff similar to it, but never been able to get it to work myself.
I’m a Splatoon speedrunner, and one of the things I need is to keep my physical Japanese copy on version 1.0.0 as that’s the optimal version of the game.

Now, my problem is that whenever I launch the game, it begins to install the latest version of the game, which I obviously can’t have. I’ve had to change the versions.bin (setting the version back to 00 00 and deleting update data) multiple times to revert back to the original version, and I never launch the game while connected to Nintendo servers, yet somehow it receives 2.12.1.

I also disabled the RCE patch for Splatoon that comes with Pretendo, as that’s something I also have used in the past.

The only thing I can think of that could be happening is the Wii U is somehow finding the update data from my digital copy and somehow updating it from there, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

tl;dr: Is there a way to completely block a game from receiving updates altogether?


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