Stomach bloating: The best form of exercise to help destress and reduce painful symptoms

“And this is where we like to position whole body vibration and power plate.

“Vibration, in its simplest form is movement, so when you add more movement to the body, the body responds in a multitude of ways at both a physiological and psychological level.

“So, whether it be a massage and quick stretch first thing in the morning for blood flow and pain reduction to start the day, a warm up before a morning jog to get more out of your workout and reduce injury risk, a quick lunch time movement session enhanced by greater muscle activation or a relaxing yoga flow at the end of a busy and stressful day at work.

“Power Plate always facilitates more movement, by stimulating more muscles, more often, increasing circulation, enhancing lymphatic flow as well as challenging the body’s sensory system (proprioceptors) to wake up and join in.

“While we have known both from extensive scientific research and years of practice-based evidence the many benefits of whole-body vibration, what is both exciting and thought provoking are findings from very recent research relating to the potential for whole body vibration (WBV) to attenuate inflammation via positive vascular and anti-inflammatory effects, making it even more relevant, accessible and pertinent in current climate.”


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