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Welcome to the Saturday Mourning Cartoons podcast, the weekly show for all things animation, including news, reviews, and interviews, from co-hosts Dave Trumbore and Sean Paul Ellis. This week, Dave recaps animation news out of D23 and reviews the new Cartoon Network special, Steven Universe: The Movie. The first movie, and a musical one at that, arrives on Cartoon Network this Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd at 6/5c. But never fear; this is a spoiler-free review, so you can listen to find out if checking out the acclaimed cartoon’s first movie is worth your while.

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Here’s the official synopsis for Steven Universe: The Movie:

In his first musical TV movie, Steven Universe thinks his time defending the Earth is over. But when a new gem comes to Beach City seeking revenge, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.


Steven Universe, a 2018 Peabody Award and 2019 GLAAD Media Award recipient, follows Steven and the Crystal Gems, a team of magical aliens who fight to protect the planet Earth. Steven is the half-Gem half-human son of the Crystal Gems’ late leader Rose Quartz and local musician Greg Universe. Steven’s friends and family support him as he grows into his powers and figures out how to be himself.

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