Steven Universe Future Finale Review

In the final episode Steven leaves Beach City, which is the
best move for him. The fact he’s giving himself the space he needs to be on his
own? To not be serving anyone else needs? That’s huge and a bold statement for
him. It’ll be scary I’m sure but he’ll make it through. It’ll give him time to
figure himself out and he was able to do it because of he let his family and
friends support him.

And that’s all I needed from this show. Steven letting his guard down and accepting help. While we as fans always want the show to have more depth I had to remind myself that this is still aimed at kids. Just having that big emotional revelation will help so many more kids than we can even imagine. That alone makes this episode a winner in my book and a fitting send off to the legacy of Steven Universe.

Plus, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all sing Cookie Cat! The show has come full circle! THEY EVEN EXPLAINED “HE LEFT HIS FAMILY BEHIND!”

I’ll miss Steven Universe for everything it gave us. The engrossing story, the queer representation, the songs, the characters, Sneople, everything. It was truly a gift for the audience and one that will be revisited many times in the future and is already undergoing new analyses now that it’s finished. In all of that I hope everyone reading this will take the time to send a thanks to anyone and everyone involved with this show. The writers, actors, artists, editors, marketing, everyone! Everyone who helped bring this show to us and make it so special.

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Rebecca Sugar especially deserves a gigantic round of
applause. Thank you for everything. You’ve made the world a better place thanks
to the story of Steven and how he not only learned to accept help from others
but also believe he was allowed to have it.


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