Stephanie Beatriz Finally Gets Acquainted With Her Late Grandmother Courtesy of Tyler Henry

Stephanie Beatriz didn’t know much about her maternal grandmother before meeting Tyler Henry.

“I don’t know what she looked like. I don’t know if I’m anything like her,” says the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star in this clip from Thursday’s new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. Continuing, she tells the clairvoyant, “I would love to know if there are things that I love that she loved too.”

When Tyler senses “tragedy” surrounding her late grandma Luna‘s death, the actor explains that she passed away during childbirth while her mom was still very young. “It was so painful for my mom when she passed away that she just kind of needed to set it aside,” she says, as her mother looks on from a monitor in a room nearby.

Even though Stephanie never got to meet her grandmother in person, Tyler tells her they might have had more in common than she realizes. And, despite their lack of earthly contact, Luna seems to know her granddaughter quite well.

“When I’m connecting to that side there’s this feeling around her of depression and anxiety. And I feel like this is something that she very strongly would have dealt with,” the medium says first. “So, there’s a pride for you basically taking these steps to be open about what you go through emotionally, mentally…and I feel like you’ll have some kind of opportunities that allow you to kind of use your platform for that. And I think that awareness will make family very proud, even on the other side.”

After hearing that, his client—who’s been open about her personal experiences struggling with mental health for several years now—is noticeably moved.

“That’s really cool. That’s really, really cool,” Stephanie replies, wiping away tears. “Mental health isn’t something you necessarily want to talk about. Mental health, addiction,” she later tells the Hollywood Medium camera. “But I feel comfortable sharing that I do struggle with these things.”

See what else Stephanie learned about her late grandmother in the clip above!

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Tuesday at 9 p.m. on E!


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