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Steph McGovern recalls huge BBC Breakfast blunder where sex toy appeared on Skype

Steph McGovern, 37, brought back a vivd memory of her time at BBC Breakfast where during a Skype interview, the guest accidentally had a rather personal object sitting behind them. The item, that was in fact a dildo, was “resting” on the fridge and was in shot throughout the duration of the “really serious” discussion.

On Monday’s episode of Not Bad For A Monday, Steph, her childhood friend Claire and their producer Geoff, talked all things to do with coronavirus self-isolation and what people are doing to keep busy.

Hours after the podcast aired, Prime Minister Boris Johnson placed the UK on lockdown, allowing people to only go out if they need food shopping, medical and care needs, exercise and to get to and from work where “absolutely necessary”.

But before the tougher measures were implemented, the PM had issued a work from home instruction to all that can do so.

So, Monday’s episode of the brutally honest and comedic podcast, was broadcast via video link from the trio’s homes while, like everyone else, they continue to self-isolate.

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Discussing video conference calls that are replacing normal working meetings, the hosts wondered whether people go about their houses and find the best place to set up their Skype, to make sure the room “looks good”.

It was at this point that Steph burst out laughing, and treated listeners to a little snippet of embarrassment that some BBC viewers may remember clearly.

“You know this idea of setting up an area to look good,” she giggled.

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“So, obviously on telly there’s a lot of Skyping going on, but what’s funnier is that people don’t realise what’s behind them!

While Claire was still reeling from the revelation, Geoff came in with a more inquisitive question.

“How do you attach such a thing to a fridge?” he asked, stifling his laughter.

“Well, it was on top – it was resting on top,” Steph explained.

“My biggest question is why! Is someone using it as a stirrer for cooking?! I don’t know,” she joked, as they all burst out laughing.

Geoff had one more zinger to drop before they moved on: “When you say it was resting, how busy had it been?”


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