Star Wars 9: ‘You almost told me!’ Keri Russell nearly drops BIG spoiler in TV interview

Russell is among those joining the cast of the upcoming movie as a brand new character, although her character’s exact identity is not yet known. It’s no surprise that she remained generally tight-lipped while Colbert tried to get details from her, but – as well as revealing that she has the “coolest costume” in the blockbuster – Colbert thought she very nearly gave away the as-yet-unannounced title.

Star Wars 9’s official name is still a mystery, and fans now expect it to be released at Star Wars Celebration in April.

When Colbert tried to subtly ask Russell for it, she looked somewhat uncertain before saying quietly: “I don’t even know…”

Colbert laughed: “You almost told me! And then you caught yourself before you said anything!”

Russell did later reveal: “I do have the coolest costume, I will say that.”

She also spoke about her 11-year-old son giving her kudos for landing such an impressive role.

“I am not kidding, I can’t impress that kid to save my life,” she said.

“I tell him all the time how cool I am and he doesn’t believe me!

“But this… when JJ Abrams talked to me, I got off the phone and I was like, ‘River! You can’t tell any of your friends but I’m doing a really cool project. Star Wars.’”

The child said very calmly, “that is cool”, before moving on.

“That’s it! That’s all I got!” Russell laughed.

Other newbies in the next film include Richard E Grant, Naomi Ackie and Dominic Monaghan. Matt Smith, meanwhile, has denied he’s on board.

Star Wars 9 is out on December 19 in the UK.


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