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Stacey Solomon suffers blunder before filming Loose Women: 'Hopefully no one will notice'

Stacey Solomon, 30, has informed her 3.4 million Instagram followers that she “forgot” to bring her make-up to the ITV studios today in preparation for filming Loose Women. Television shows have had to go without hair and make-up teams and try a DIY approach in recent months due to the coronavirus lockdown and social distancing rules.

The Celebrity Gogglebox star sheepishly admitted she was hoping viewers wouldn’t “notice” her unfortunate blunder, but realised on her way home that the foundation she borrowed last minute for the episode was “definitely not her colour match”.

Stacey opened up about her mishap alongside a selfie from the Loose Women set.

She captioned the snap: “Just at work now… I did my hair and forgot to put make-up on had to borrow someone else’s.

“Oh well hopefully no one will notice [laughing face emoji].”

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However, shortly after filming the episode, Stacey filmed herself in daylight in the car and spotted that her face of make-up didn’t exactly match her neck.

She told fans while giggling at her error: “All done and on the way home.

“The foundation I had to borrow is not quite the match that I thought it was now I’ve stepped outside, oh well, what can you do?”

The presenter went on to say she was “having one of those days” and was beginning to feel anxious.

Stacey added: “And I just saw my steak in the bin. Then I found out…”

As she continued to laugh, Joe added: “I didn’t eat it because it wasn’t steak, it was a dirty pork chop. Who has a pork chop in the morning?”

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“It looked like steak,” Stacey replied, struggling to contain her laughter.

Stacey then turned the camera onto her beau, who was tidying up their kitchen.

He replied: “It wasn’t steak though was it?!”

She captioned the post: “It was a pork chop [crying with laughter emoji].

“He said it made him feel sick but he didn’t want to say anything because of the effort I went to.

“So he ate the rest even though it was making him gag and hid the pork chop under a piece of toast.”

She said she couldn’t believe she thought the piece of meat was in fact steak, adding: “I must’ve been blinded by excitement and love”.

Joe and Stacey welcomed their baby son Rex together last year.


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