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Stacey Dooley: Strictly star reveals embarrassing mishap 'I've split my trousers!'

Stacey Dooley, 33, opened up on BBC Radio 5 live today as she filled in for regular host Chris Stark alongside Scott Mills. The former Strictly Come Dancing champion, recalled attending a work trip with a “high brow” TV exec that resulted in her having “split” trousers.

Scott initially read out a story about a listener called Rowan, who had once slipped while climbing a tree.

He said: “The most ridiculous thing that’s happened to Rowan, she was once climbing a tree, slipped and fell off a branch, but was saved when another branch got caught on her shell suit bottoms.”

Stacey interjected: “Shell suit bottoms.”

Scott continued: “She was left hanging upside down, swinging from the branch, with her naked butt sticking out. It says… a passing man walking his dog eventually came to her rescue.”

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He explained: “This last month, I’ve started to get an itching to get back to work, and my girlfriend is back at work. I’m getting jealous of that. I’m starting to get really fed up now.”

The dancer explained how social media could often put pressure on people to achieve goals during their free time, but he has found it a struggle being away from work.

Kevin shared: “You go on Instagram, and you start seeing all these quotes like, ‘Well it was in the lockdown situation that Shakespeare wrote three of his best things’.

“This person wrote Frankenstein and Dracula in the lockdown situation. Now’s the time to do that thing you have always wanted to do,” he continued.

It comes as Kevin stepped down from Strictly Come Dancing in early March just before the lockdown.

Meanwhile, Stacey has been busy hosting EastEnders: Secrets From The Square.

The programme shows viewers behind the scenes of Walford and also reveals the secrets of Albert Square.

A fan of the show recently criticised Stacey on Twitter for a “lack of research”, after it appeared that the TV presenter did not know who Julia Smith (the co-creator of EastEnders) was.

However, The Strictly Come Dancing champ hit back that she “did know” who Julia was, and it is “her job” to ask questions.


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