'Spoilt and entitled' GMB guest sparks uproar as Covid testing row erupts

Twitter user Hope Springs deemed Bushra “spoilt and entitled” as Reya challenged her views.

Donna wrote: “We are still in the same place because of selfish b******* like you, not testing, not caring about vulnerable people and everyone around you!! #GMB.”

Stubbs-is-go commented: “Having such ill-informed guests (Bushra) talking about vaccines is really not helpful.  #gmb.”

“Bushra Shaikh is one seriously selfish individual on #GMB,” John penned.

Others sided with Bushra, with Hazzy arguing: “Spot on Bushra! #gmb she’s absolutely right! The world needs to live with it, if people have had every single vaccine then why are people still becoming seriously ill!”

Leanne Lowe shared: “We need more people like Bushra on #GMB #NOTOVACCINEPASSPORTS.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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