Splatoon 2 gets new SplatFest for 3rd anniversary celebration

Splatoon 2 – the SplatFests never end (pic: Nintendo)

Nintendo is promising three more SplatFest events before next March, but there’s still no sign of Splatoon 3.

Although it did perfectly well in the West, Splatoon 2 was absolutely huge in Japan. It’s still in the top 10 sales chart, almost three years after it originally came out, and it’s sold a massive 3.5 million copies in Japan alone.

Most online support for the game was supposed to have ended over a year ago but back in April a special new SplatFest event was announced and now we’re getting not one but three more.

The first will be a third anniversary SplatFest that will ask you to weigh in on the age old question of what came first: the chicken or the egg. A philosophical and zoological quandary that will be answered via the medium of paintball.

SplatFests are two-day online events where you pick a side (chicken or egg in this case) and every victory you gain during that time adds to your team’s tally.

The third anniversary SplatFest will start next month on 21 August at 11pm BST, and will last for 48 hours from that point.

The next two ‘bonus’ SplatFest will take place sometime before March 2021, although there’s no indication of exactly when.

April 2021 is the start of Nintendo’s (and most other company’s) financial year, but why they’d be tying that to when they run a SplatFest is a mystery.

It does imply that there probably won’t be a Splatoon 3 until after that point though, or at the very least not until the last SplatFest – which could conceivably work as some kind of handover event.

Given the popularity of Splatoon 2, and the fact that online support was supposed to have ended, it does seem odd that a new sequel hasn’t been announced yet, but since this is Nintendo oddness comes with the territory.

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