Spider-Man Far From Home ‘Sony want Tom Hardy Venom for Spider-Man 3’ says reliable LEAKER

Back in 2016, Spider-Man entered the MCU in Captain America: Civil War following Disney’s deal with Sony to use the character. The move has proven to be a great success with appearances in the last two Avengers movies and now his second solo outing Spider-Man Far From Home is set for a July release. Meanwhile, the latter studio has been developing its own Marvel universe focused on Spider-Man villains. This kicked off with Tom Hardy’s Venom last year and now it looks like Sony are pushing for the villain to face off against Tom Holland’s Web-Slinger in Spider-Man 3.

The account added: “Deadpool had his own movies but never showed up in the main X-Men films, it will be the same for the MCU.”

Venom 2 is set to release in 2020, and judging by Sony’s Spider-Man movie schedule, they’ll want his third MCU solo outing ready for Summer 2021.

And with the Sinister Six being set up, perhaps Venom could be included there.

Interestingly, another MCU source claims that Norman Osborn will be the big baddie in Marvel Phase 4.

Marvel insider Daniel Richtman reckons the end credits scene of Spider-Man Far From Home will tease the next major franchise villain, assuming Thanos is defeated in Avengers Endgame.

He tweeted: “Can not wait for the AFTER-CREDITS scenes in Spider-Man: Far From Home cuz they’ll give us the first hint towards which goal the MCU will go after Thanos.

“Since it’s Spidey only one option makes sense…Norman Osborn and The Dark Avengers!”

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Fans will know Osborn as Peter Parker’s nemesis, the Green Goblin, while the Dark Avengers are an alternate team formed by the baddie who are disguised as the good guys.


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