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Skybound Entertainment Announces AAA Invincible Video Game –

Shortly after its series finale, Skybound Entertainment announced a AAA video game for their popular Invincible series on Monday.

According to the announcement, the upcoming AAA Invincible game will be developed by a new small in-house studio made up of 30 gaming industry veterans and the Invincible series creator Robert Kirtman. Considering the amount of popularity the series has accrued in the last few years, it was only a matter of time before it got a AAA video game of its own.

In order to fund the game Skybound unveiled a crowdfunding campaign on the Republic investment platform in an effort to secure investors. Currently, the campaign has acquired over $440,000 but is hoping to hit its maximum $5 million cap. Skybound Entertainment CEO David Alpert shared his excitement at the opening of the crowdfunding campaign in a press release.

“We are thrilled to launch this Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on Republic, inviting fans to join us on this new expansion and venture,” said Alpert. “At Skybound, we prioritize fostering meaningful connections with our audience, and this initiative allows fans to not only immerse themselves in the world of Invincible but also to directly contribute to its expansion.”

Skybound had previously used the Republic platform in 2023, where it managed to raise around $18 million. In it’s second Republic campaign, a $100 minimum investment is required for potential investors, who will be open to various perks should they follow through and invest. The Invincible crowdfunding campaign is set to conclude by April 30th.

Due to the game being recently announced a release date is nowhere near in sight. However, considering that the Invincible Amazon Prime series was renewed for its third seqason, it shouldn’t be a stretch to hypothesis a release date near or shortly after that season arrives.

For more information and future updates on the upcoming Invincible game, head over to Skybound ‘s official website and social media.


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