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Sinitta: X Factor star speaks out on EastEnders role after rival soap knock back

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Sinitta, 56, said she once auditioned for Hollyoaks but couldn’t master the northern accent. Because of this, she was knocked back from a potential role, but is now keen to join EastEnders.

She said: “I have been asked to act in something up North, it must’ve been Hollyoaks.

“The problem we had was my accent, I wasn’t able to do it.

“As an actress I have practised lots of different accents and dialogues, but I wasn’t able to do a northern accent.”

Express.co.uk has contacted a representative for Channel 4 for comment.

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The So Macho singer has since taken an interest in joining EastEnders after she worked with Walford’s Jags (played by Amar Adatia) on her latest film The Seven.

When asked if he could possibly help her get on the soap, she said: “I would love it. Yeah, he can bring me in. I can be a villainess.”

While her desires to be in a soap are not a concrete plan yet, the mother-of-two has been working on a few movies.

On her return to the acting world after five years, she said: “I’ve done comedy sketches and all of that.

The former guest judge was noticeably seen on camera sitting behind judges Simon, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh during the live shows.

During one episode, some viewers accused Sinitta of giving judge Nicole “daggers”.

When asked about the claims, Simon Cowell’s sidekick said this wasn’t the case.

She explained: “I saw on social media that people thought I was looking badly at Nicole and giving her daggers and all this stuff. I wasn’t aware that I was on camera.

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“I was in my own world, I was drinking champagne and listening to the comments and eating pretzels and taking it all in.

“And maybe agreeing or disagreeing with what was being said. Unfortunately, I’ve got just a very expressive face, but even if I was sort of making a face, it wasn’t about Nicole.

“It was maybe about what was being said, whether I agree or not but it wasn’t that at all.”

She added: “I found it amusing. I was thinking what are they talking about? At this age you kind of get used to people saying what ever, you’re tending on Twitter for having a b***h face.”


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