Shocking ways AI technology will revolutionise every day industries in YOUR lifetime

Science fiction has helped shaped society’s understanding and expectation of advanced AI technology in the future. However, Shadow Robot Company Director Rich Walker argued artificial intelligence technology could be used in industries we would not expect. While speaking to, he explained that a new A.I tech could be introduced to be used in sectors such as the estate agency or booking services.

He added massive leaps in AI capabilities in recent years had raised expectations of what people believe artificial intelligence can be used for.

He said: “AI technology has really been promising a lot for a very long time.

“In the last few years we have really started to see some very impressive and surprising successes.

“Self-driving cars are starting to be something that has gone from a complete fairy pipe-dream to the question of when are we going to see a self-driving car, because surely we can get one now.

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“I think what will happen in the next couple of year is we will see some areas that we weren’t expecting suddenly being done by AI

“Everyone will be like, yes, of course, we could have artificial intelligence in this industry.

“Maybe it will be an estate agency or train booking.

“Something that is a complicated annoying problem.

The Shadow Robot Company has directed their focus on creating complex dexterous robot hands that mimicked humans hands.

The robotics company uses tactical Telerobot technology to demonstrate how A.I programmes can be used alongside human interaction to create complex robotic relationship.

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