Sheridan Smith 'regretted' tattoos as film crew spent hours covering them for thriller

Sheridan Smith says she “regretted” her tattoos and won’t get anymore after film crews spent hours covering them up during her latest TV series.

The 42-year-old stars in The Castaways on Paramount+ alongside Celine Buckens. But in order to film the series, Sheridan says she had to cover her body art with waterproof make-up.

Sheridan has however revealed the cover-up procedure was not quite as expected. Instead of a simple procedure, she had to have three people “dabbing away” to make sure the ink didn’t come through.

Speaking to Radio Times for its Christmas issue, Smith said the transition into her character Lori for the series was “such fun”. She said: “I was covered in freckles and it’s quite nice having no face make-up, just yourself.

“I’m covered in tattoos. Normally I can get away with cardigans or long-sleeve shirts, but wrecked on a tropical island…

“I had a call three hours before anyone else. I couldn’t use my usual stuff to cover them up, it had to be waterproof.

“So three people were dabbing away every day to cover it all. I never regretted my tats so much – I’ll never have another one.

“Actors – just don’t do it. It’s the most ridiculous thing.”

She said: “I’m terrified of heights. And spiders. At one point (during filming) I lay on the ground – spiders, little scorpions, all sorts. Why would you take a job that’s got swimming and heights and a cliff-edge and insects? Facing all my fears. And (it was) hot.”

In the UK original drama series, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Lucy Clarke, Sheridan stars with Buckens, who plays her sister Erin. They are due to fly to Fiji, but Erin never boards the flight and she is left with questions after the plane that Lori is on fails to arrive at its destination.

Smith is known for her roles on the big and small screen, including Gavin And Stacey, The C Word and The Railway Children, as well as multiple stage productions.


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