Sheep risked ‘certain death’ after getting trapped on 100ft cliff to escape a dog

Officers believe the sheep became trapped while apparently running away from a dog (Picture: PA)

A sheep had to be hauled up a 100ft cliff by RSPCA rescue workers after it became trapped on a ledge while running away from a dog.

The animal had become stuck around 30ft down the cliff edge in Llandudno, north Wales, after apparently becoming ‘panicked’.

RSPCA officers had to abseil down and put the sheep in a bag before pulling it to safety, with fears it could have leapt to ‘certain death’ at any moment.

Animal inspectors Michael Pugh, Mark Roberts, Vicky Taylor and Nayman Dunderdale worked with animal collection officer Will Galvin to carry out the dramatic rescue in difficult weather conditions.

The rescue took place on January 14 at the limestone headland of the Great Orme.

It was feared the sheep could have jumped the further 70ft down the cliff in terror.

RSPCA officers had to abseil down the cliff and put the sheep in a bag before pulling it to safety (Picture: PA)
The 100ft cliff at the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales (Picture: PA)

Michael said: ‘Often when sheep find themselves in situations like this, there is a risk they can become very scared and jump from the cliff. Sadly, that would have meant certain death.

‘The timing was absolutely critical so we could bring this sheep to safety and we had to closely monitor what grazing she had available.

‘It seems very possible that the sheep ventured down the cliff on to this ledge to escape a dog.

‘Livestock worrying is a real problem and can have devastating effects, so we continue to remind dog owners to never let their pets off leads with sheep or other livestock nearby.’

The sheep survived its dramatic rescue operation and has been safely reunited with its farmer, the RSPCA said.

The sheep has now been reunited with its farmer (Picture: PA)


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