Sex horoscopes 2019: Star sign who lasts longer in bed revealed – is it yours?

Astrologers insist your star sign can reveal a lot about your love and sex life.

According to the fresh survey, if you lie about how many people you’ve slept with – you’re probably a Virgo or a Gemini.

And if you’re a Capricorn, Cancer or Aries, you’re probably lasting the longest under the duvets.

So what does your zodiac say about your sex life?

About 2,000 adults were asked about their sexual habits in a study revealed by Skyn Condoms 2019 sex and intimacy survey.

Here are the results:

Capricorn: Most confident in bed

Virgo: Under report number of sexual partners

Pisces: 30% have had open relationships

Libra: Masturbate the most

Aquarius: Use lube 51% of the time

Leo: Most likely to sext

Aries: Last longest during sex

Scorpio: Most likely to use restraints

Cancer: Has the most sex

Gemini: Over report number of sexual partners

Sagittarius: Most like to use condoms

Taurus: 29% fake orgasms

Jeyan Heper, chief executive officer of LifeStyles Healthcare, said: “This year’s survey has unveiled key learnings surrounding the sexual preferences, trends and desires of this growing demographic.

“These insights will ultimately serve to further drive innovation and help us continue creating products that heighten intimacy and promote better sexual experiences for every generation.”

Previously, we revealed the sexual preferences of different star signs.


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