Selfridges launches mini mince pie advent calendar with festive snacks for all of December

Forget the chocolate advent calendars, it’s all about mince pies in 2019 (Picture: Getty)

Christmas is just 45 days away, so if you haven’t chosen an advent calendar yet it’s time to get your festive joy into gear.

From booze calendars to beauty offerings, you can now start every day in December with a festive treat that isn’t reserved for those with a sweet tooth.

If the idea of an edible snack for 25 days still appeals but you don’t fancy chocolate, how about something a bit more seasonal, such as a mince pie?

You’re in luck – Selfridges has released a mini mince pie advent calendar, so you can stuff your face with various flavours every day.

From the traditional fruity to citrus-topped and even a chocolate-inspired pie, there’s lots to try.

Behind door 25, there’s also a surprise in the shape of an icing-topped Christmas cake, though we have a feeling you’ll already have plenty of cakes, bakes and other delights on the table – so why not save it until Boxing Day?

The goodies were handmade in the Cotswolds, but unfortunately the calendar isn’t suitable for those with nut allergies as there is an almond-flavoured mince pie included.

It is sold in Selfridges but can also be bought online, and will set you back £39.99.

It will set you back £39.99 (Picture: Selfridges)

‘We’ve all been partial to a mince pie or two, but what about a whole advent calendar of them to make December fly by?,’ Selfridges descibed the calendar on its website.

‘Your wish is Selfridges Selection’s command. Hidden behind each of the 24 doors is a mini festive pastry.

‘Extraordinary flavours include classic, citrus, almond and chocolate (we can almost taste them), and if you can reach the big day without gobbling them at once, there’s a mini Meg Rivers Christmas cake waiting behind number 25.

‘We’re counting down already.’

Pets can also get in on the mince pie fun this year, as Sainsbury’s has launched mince pies for dogs.

They’re made from carob, a tree from the legume family which has edible pods and come in packs of two, with turkey biscuit stars on the top of each pie.

If you’d prefer a hamper filled with delectable seasonal snacks, we’ve also put together a helpful guide to the best hampers in 2019.

Then all you need is a festive jumper, and Christmas is sorted.

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