Scary Video Shows Father Dangling Young Boy Off a Cliff for a Photo Op

A shocking video has surfaced online that shows just how far some parents will go to get a “unique” photo of their kid. The clip, originally posted to Chinese social media site Weibo, reportedly shows a man dangling his young son off a cliff as a relative takes photos.

The incident allegedly took place yesterday at the Hongjing Road: a winding, 12-mile stretch of scenic highway on the outskirts of Beijing. You can see others sitting on the side of the road, dangling their feet off the edge, but one family decided to take it a terrifying step further by holding their child’s hands while he actually walked backwards off the cliff.

The footage originally went viral on Weibo after it was shared by the Chinese newspaper the People’s Daily. According to The Daily Mail, the man speaking at the end of the clip is saying, “Look, look! The kid’s hands are shaking!”

The footage has, understandably, prompted an outcry both inside and outside China. Comments on the original Weibo post are almost exclusively appalled that any parent would do such a thing, and international publications have started to pick up on the story as well.

As of this writing the parents have not been identified, making it hard to confirm the video’s authenticity or follow up on the incident.

Longtime readers of PetaPixel know how dangerous stunts like this can be, even when performed by experienced “rooftoppers” and other daredevils who are doing this of their own volition. But dangling a small child off the edge of a cliff for the sake of a photo raises an already-dangerous idea to new levels of stupidity and recklessness.

(via Daily Mail)


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