Rylan Clark-Neal teases X Factor return as All-Stars rumours ignite

Rylan Clark-Neal is such a familiar face on television nowadays that you’d be forgiven that he got his start on The X Factor.

Now more recognised as the host of now-defunct Big Brother‘s Bit On The Side, Rylan reached the live finals of The X Factor back in 2012.

And with the recent reveal that The X Factor would this year return with Celebrity and All-Stars versions, the 30-year-old has had his say on the line-up and whether he’d return.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Rylan said: “I literally cannot wait to watch it, just to see who goes back. I am gonna be with popcorn, sat there loving life watching it.”

“If they want to pay me a load of money I’d think about it”


On his potential return, he confessed: “If they want to pay me a load of money I’d think about it…

“But no, I’m looking forward to watching it, I really, really am.”

He went on: “Even me and some of my X Factor lot, we’ve all been talking about who would do it, so it’s weird to see who said they’d want to do it.

“When you’ve done something X Factor, you’re all connected so you know genuinely who wants to go back is not necessarily who they’ll have back.

“I really hope it’s true, because it is something I will become addicted to.”

Rylan X Factor

MUSIC STAR: Rylan got his start on The X Factor (Pic: Getty/Wenn)

Rylan Clark-Neal

HOST: Rylan is all over TV now (Pic: Getty)

There have more X Factor contestants than it’s possible to remember, but Rylan has one person he’d love to see back – and she’s a winner at that.

He told us: “It’s really tough. I would love Leona [Lewis] to do it but that’s because I love Leona.

“I know she’s not releasing stuff at the moment. I’d love Leona to do like a Jessie J and come back and take over again.

“I love her. I think her music’s brilliant, so I’d like to see Leona do it.”


REALITY STAR: Rylan went on to win Celebrity Big Brother (Pic: Getty)


CONTEST: You could win a holiday with Rylan (Pic: PH)

He added: “There’s a few from my year I’d like to see back for the LOLs.”

Like Rylan, one-time finalist Stacey Solomon has become a regular face on television, though many forget she was on the X Factor too.

Rylan said: “I say it nicely, but it’s a credit in a way that people forget I did it, which is quite nice – I’ve obviously done alright for myself.

“People say to me daily, ‘I forgot you were on X Factor.’ I’m like, ‘Thank you very much!'”

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