Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's makeup artist shares the genius beauty secrets her A-list clients swear by

Nikki Wolff, more commonly known by her Instagram alias, @nikki_makeup, is the Queen of Insta beauty.

The makeup artist is lauded for her ability to create the glowiest of glowing skin, badass brows and celebrity beauty looks that you’d actually want to try yourself.

As huge fans of Nikki here at GLAMOUR HQ (hey, we recently nominated her for Best Makeup Influencer in GLAMOUR’s Beauty Power List) and enlisted her as a columnist, we are thrilled to reveal her as one of our new columnists and asked her to do a beauty demo at GLAMOUR Beauty Festival. Here are the best tips we picked up from her incredible talk…

Pick your primer for your skin type

Nikki says that a good primer is the basis of a perfect look. She says that your primer should dictate which look you’re going for. So, if you have oily skin, always use a mattifying primer. Nikki also swears by using her hands to prep skin rather than tools.

“Hands are the best tools,” she said. “When I work with models I really feel the structure of the face using my hands and prep their skin accordingly.”

Use pencil on yours eyes before your eyeshadow

Whilst most of us immediately reach for our favourite eyeshadow, Nikki maintains that you should actually pencil on your eyes first. She takes a suits-all brown eyeliner and blends it into the eye crease before putting a powder shadow on top. “This will ensure your powder stays in place and doesn’t crease. Brown pencil works so nicely on all eye colours,” she said.

The secret to perfect brows

Nikki says she uses Soap Brows on ‘every single face I do”. She begins by putting fixing spray in it, which she says helps hold brows in place and give volume. “The best thing about Soap Brows is that it’s reworkable so you can comb back through it to make sure your brows are perfect all day long. It is just the sexiest look. Having soap on the skin gives your brows something to stick to so it’s ideal if you don’t have brows.”

Curl your lashes before bed

Nikki’s number one beauty hack? Curling your lashes before bed. “You wake up with a soft curled lash that lasts all day,” she said.

Use your products in bizarre ways

Nikki loves using her trusty makeup in surprising ways. Indeed, she says eyeshadow makes the perfect lip product and moisturiser is great for taming frizz. Noted.


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