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Rory Kinnear shares the 'difficultly' of playing real neo-Nazi Colin Jordan on Ridley Road

Rory Kinnear, 43, has opened up to Express.co.uk and other media about playing real-life neo-Nazi Colin Jordan in the new series Ridley Road. Colin was a leading figure in post-war neo-Nazism in the UK, as Rory admits the role came with its “difficulties”.

In the 1960s, Colin was known for his use of the styles and symbols of Nazi Germany.

He led organisations like the National Socialist Movement and the World Union of National Socialists.

He also advocated for what he called “universal Nazism”.

The historical figure plays a big role in the new BBC series Ridley Road, inspired by the anti-fascist 62 Group.

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He continued: “Now when those things are that sort of actively antithesis to how you see the world, it’s a challenge.

“You have to give it full weight to be able to responsibly represent the person rather than necessarily give him a two-dimensional villain-ness that is too easy to dismiss.

“I think the more real and the more ordinary someone like that is presented, then the more terrifying or the more seriously you have to take them.”

Rory also explained how he has played similar characters in the past.

The James Bond star admitted he actually ended up playing two far-right characters one after another.

He continued: “I did something just, which finished at the beginning of March, which we were filming out in LA, which was the second iteration of Penny Dreadful.

“I played an American German expat, who was grappling with whether or not he would have to become part of the Nazi Party.

“And so the last thing that I filmed before the pandemic struck was having to give the Nazi salute.

“And one of the first things I did, in returning to work in a different character was having to give the Nazi salute.

“I did wonder what it was about me or indeed my face that landed me, so squarely within this casting bracket.”

Ridley Road is available to watch on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Sunday.


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