Roofer ends up in hospital after swallowing £1 coin in bizarre party trick

Greig Irvine faced the prospect of having surgery after his coin trick went badly wrong (Picture: SWNS)

Hopefully this guy has learned his lesson after he swallowed a coin that got stuck in his throat.

Greig Irvine, 22, was at a gathering with friends when his party trick – which he’s carried out many times before – went wrong.

Normally he waits for it to pass through his body, but this time the £1 coin got stuck in his gullet.

The roofer, from Glasgow, said he thought about making himself sick after discovering the coin had got stuck and wasn’t moving past his chest.

But instead he ended up in A&E for two days facing the prospect of surgery.

The coin, which showed up in an x-ray, prevented him from eating anything before doctors managed to remove it using a tube they put down his throat.

Greig Irvine took a selfie while he was in hospital for two days following the ‘party trick’ (Picture: SWNS)
An x-ray revealed the coin was stuck in his chest, leaving him unable to eat until it was removed (Picture: SWNS)

Greig said: ‘When I’m out I’m a bit of a joker. I was at a house party and I thought it would be funny to swallow a pound coin.

‘It got stuck but I could still breathe. I wanted to make myself sick just so I could get it out.

‘It was weird because it always goes to plan as it would come out in the toilet later. I could feel it in my chest but I just kept on drinking.

‘I got home on Sunday morning and I just didn’t want to sleep because I thought I would choke in my sleep and no one would be there to give me CPR.

‘I ended up going to A&E on Sunday and spent two days there. I felt so guilty because there are people there that actually needed help rather than me being stupid.

The coin pictured after it was removed from his chest without the need for surgery (Picture: SWNS)
Greig’s dad has said he’s an idiot. He won’t be performing the trick again (Picture: SWNS)

‘They put me to sleep and put a camera in my throat and pulled it up.

Greig said he started this party trick last year and this is the first time it has gone wrong – but in light of his recent accident Greig said he wont be doing it again.

He added: ‘I started doing it in May last year. But I won’t be doing it again, I thought I was going to die.

‘My dad thinks I’m an idiot, they call me stupid and daft.’


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