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Ronnie Wood's son Jamie says 'I love him but he's not my dad' as he denies 'feud' rumours

Jamie Wood, 46, has insisted that he does not want to live in the shadow of his famous father as he cleared up rumours of a rift between the pair. The son of The Rolling Stones rockstar admitted that the pair were never close to begin with, as they only occasionally text each othermostly on their birthdays.

Jamie said: “It’s not a feud. But Ronnie’s not my dad. I think of him as a mate.

“We text now and again – you know, ‘How are you mate? Happy birthday’ – but it’s not a feud, it’s just how it’s always been.”

Jamie maintains he has no animosity towards Ronnie, who took him in as a child when he dated his mother Jo back in 1977.

“I lived with him since I was a one-year-old. I’m surprised he remembers me to be honest,” he said.

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“He was probably like, ‘Who is this 21-year-old?’ when I grew up. 

“He spent the first 12 years locked in the toilet – partying, drinking. You can’t look after kids in that condition. 

“We never had much of a relationship. Ronnie was a dude mum was with – the dude it’s all about,” he added to Daily Mail.

As a youngster Jamie would often party and even had a near death experience, but now he has put the past behind him.

In the years before going teetotal, he and his then-wife Jo would host wild parties at the house when Jamie was growing up.

Jamie told the newspaper: “Mum and Dad used to party a lot and you could always smell cannabis in the house.

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“It would waft up the stairs and when I was nine or 10, I’d run downstairs and find ashtrays full of joints and help myself, then stash them behind the microphones.”

While drugs were scrutinised in everyday life, Jamie said at home they were normalised and “part” of his upbringing.

However, eventually his drug use wreaked havoc on his body and in 2017 aged 42, he had a heart attack after years of smoking cigarettes and cannabis.

Jamie was unaware of how ill he had been until he needed to have a life-saving heart bypass within minutes of arriving at the hospital.

He has now overhauled his lifestyle, by quitting smoking and drugs.

Ronnie is now married to his third wife Sally, who is 30 years his junior, and the couple are raising their four-year-old twins.


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